Product Photography Tutorial


Without a customer’s ability to touch, hold, smell, or taste your products, they only have images to interact with. Your customers will feel better about purchasing your products if they see attractive looking photographs.


  1. Prepare your product. Make sure it looks as neat and clean as possible.
  2. Light the background/product. Place your product on a large piece of wrinkle-free paper or fabric for your background. This ensures a seamless transition from the base to the background. Use two lights to illuminate your product (each at about a 45 degree angle to your product), and make sure your white background is lit brighter than your product. This will help your photo’s background to match the colour (usually white) of the web page you place your photos on.
  3. Adjust camera settings. Use a low ISO for noise-free images. A light meter will help determine what aperture you should use. A large aperture will ensure a good depth-of-field.
  4. Edit your photos. Using your favourite image editor, adjust the colours to suit your taste and clean up any unwanted details. Crop your image to the specific dimensions needed for the web.


I can produce crisp images of your product (ranging in size from 1” up to 5 or 6 feet) against a variety of coloured backgrounds. You will be able to preview your images instantly on a laptop. Turnaround time for your final images can be as little as one day depending on the number of photos.

Contact the office if you have any questions or if you would like to book a session.


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