304/365: October 31 “Pure Awesome Epicness”

Sitting in the dentist chair this morning, I learned that each Halloween the Telkwa Fire Department puts on a fireworks show. Telkwa is about 10 minutes outside of my home town of Smithers, so after supper tonight my wife and son and I took a little drive to a good viewing spot. For about 45 minutes we, along with quite a group of interested onlookers, were treated to a dazzling display of light and beauty.

Although I haven’t gone through all the images in detail yet (I think I got over 100 usable ones), I do know that this one is my favourite. It was hard to frame the images properly in the darkness, but as the show went on, I came to see that the ones with the river reflecting the colour of the fireworks turned out quite good. I can’t wait to go through them all in detail tomorrow.

p.s. Credit for the image’s title must be given to my son, Isaac. It was how he described his first time seeing fireworks.



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